IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine

My paper  to the IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine special edition on Security & Privacy has been accepted! This marks the end of a long and arduous journey from the original submission way back in early 2014. The paper is a broad strokes paper on the state of gesture recognition in the context of authentication. Currently the title is Engineering Gesture Recognition for Authentication but the title is subject to change by the IEEE editors, so we’ll see what it ends up being. Something more flowery and fancy, maybe!?

Admittedly, the first iteration of the paper was not something that was up to par for publication. It was written too quickly, overly long, and contained highly-technical discussion of various concepts. The second iteration was better; we had better figures/tables and removed a highly specious section on use cases and replaced it with an evaluation of gestures focusing on usability & security. This final iteration concerned a full-scale attack on unclear statements, unexplained reasoning, and generally form/flow/structure. This final result, I believe, is quite a good effort. This was an interesting learning experience in how to write a good paper. An experience worth having.

Much thanks to the reviewers and colleagues for giving us tons of useful advice to improve the organization and clarity of our paper! It is even better that there were no run-ins with adversarial reviewers.

Don’t know when this will be published but I’m hoping it is at some point in 2015! There’s no date set on the calendar which makes me think it might not be until 2016. Which would be annoying but understood since the editors have quite a job ahead of them reducing computer science and engineering gobbledygook to readable material.